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White gold tour

Duration: 1 day

You’ll find yourself at the crossroads of many activities.
After a day at Le Veillon, a visit to the Marais Poitevin or a tour of the wine route, we’ll take you back to an idyllic setting.
A place where nature reclaims its rights and offers us unsuspected treasures.
Come and discover the salt marshes of Olonne,
An almost lunar landscape,
A 100% natural experience that will give you a different perspective on this white gold.
Come and discover the secrets of salt!
You’ll never use this essential ingredient in the same way again.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your day:
Bring good shoes, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking around the salt parks.
The marshes are not shaded, so remember to bring your own headgear (hat, cap, scarf…).
Get up in a good mood. Even if the salt marshes are only 20 minutes from the campsite. If you come early, you can enjoy the calm and serenity of this place.
On-site parking is available for visitors.
You can pack a few picnic provisions in your backpack. But you can also enjoy a meal in a restaurant close to the marshes. The choice is yours!

visite des marais salants de l'ile d'olonne
ile d'olonne bird observatory
bird observatory in Vendée

Before heading off to the heart of the Salines. We invite you to stop off at an unusual location.
It’s a favorite spot for birdwatchers: the Île d’Olonne Bird Observatory.
You can observe many birds, including rare species, in their natural habitat.
This observatory is located on a migratory route, so you can observe a multitude of species.
You’ll be accompanied by ornithologists who are passionate about these feathered animals. They’ll be delighted to tell you all about their passion.
Reconnect with nature and learn more about birds.

Price :
4€ / adults
-7 years free
Reservations are not required. You can come whenever you like during opening hours.

After a hearty meal, complete with your favorite dishes, you can hit the road for Les Salines.
At the park, you’ll be greeted by a friendly team of volunteers who’ll be happy to tell you all about the history of this white gold.

At Les Salines, you can discover the history of salt by boat. Aboard the Jonathan or the Mireille, you’ll be transported to the rhythm of the water for 8 kilometers. From left to right, nature unfolds before your eyes. You’ll discover exceptional flora and fauna.
Let yourself be carried away.

At the end of the walk, you’ll meet a salt-maker. He’ll show you the age-old techniques for harvesting salt. He’ll be delighted to tell you all about the secrets of salt. You’ll be treated to a live demonstration of salt harvesting.
This passionate saunier will captivate you with his knowledge.

To round off this immersion in the saltworks, it’s the children’s turn to enjoy a unique experience. They can collect their own little salt pouch.
At the end of your visit, you can taste the white gold. In the store, don’t forget to take home a little salt pouch as a vacation souvenir.

Length of walk: 2h-2h30
We strongly advise you to book your visit.
24 € / adult
14 € / children aged 3 to 12

Les Salines offers canoe and paddle trips on the marsh canals. It’s a privileged place where calm is the order of the day.
A moment to share with your loved ones.