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Visit the Marais Poitevin

Duration: 1 day

The Vendée is famous for its beautiful landscapes.
There is a wide variety of spots.
When you’re not at the seaside, retreat to the bocage.
So today, for this experience, we’re taking you to a 100% natural spot.
Set off for a day where you can let go and clear your head.
You’ll discover an area where greenery takes pride of place and nature is preserved.
For this experience, we take you to the Marais Poitevin.
Or rather, in the flooded part of the Marais Poitevin, the wet marshes.
The Marais Poitevin is a labyrinth of canals.
These canals are lined with rows of trees.
I’ll leave you to discover these marshes for yourself.

Climb into the car and hit the road for 1h30.
We suggest you get on the road early.
If you want to make the most of your day. You’ll certainly need to set an alarm clock for the 1h30 drive to Maillezais. This is our first stop.

discovering the Marais Poitevin in Vendée

When you think of the Marais Poitevin, you immediately imagine the boat gently drifting along the Venise Verte, steered by the boatman. Well, that’s just what we’ve got in store for you! Of course, this is the must-do activity.

But before that, it’s time to stop off at one of the restaurants lining the canals.
We recommend La Pigouille. Here the teams offer fresh, local cuisine.
Take the time to sit back and enjoy the scenery before you.

At the end of your meal, explore the narrow streets of Coulon.
You can also walk along the banks of the Venise Verte to enjoy the gentle sound of rushing water.

If you want to bring back some unusual souvenirs from your vacation in Vendée, then don’t miss the little Saveurs Régionales store. You’ll find unusual products typical of the region, such as troussepinette and pate de ragondin. I assure you, these are products that deserve to be tasted!

visit to the town of Coulon in the Marais Poitevin
visit to Coulon in Vendée